How to Calculate the Production Quantity of the Wire Mesh Machine?

Mar. 13, 2020


Mesh is the mesh number within the length of 1 inch (25.41mm), and its unit is mesh / inch. For example, the mesh number within the length of 1 inch (25.41mm) is 100, the mesh of 1 square inch composed of 100 holes in longitude and latitude direction, with 10000 mesh, and its mesh number is 100 mesh.

If we want to weave 100 mesh wire mesh, the type of the Wire Mesh Machine is ZWJ-1300B, and its beating-up frequency are 70r / min, and the calculation method of production quantity is as follows:



=42 inch/hour

2:Meters (1 inch=25.4mm)



=1.0668 m/hour

According to the different types of machine, the beating-up frequency is different, and the production quantity is also different. It is very important to choose the right type of machine according to the mesh number of the actual mesh to be woven.

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