What Are the Methods of Weaving Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

Mar. 24, 2020


There are many characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh. Let us share the eight characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh.

Eight characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh:

1. Low-carbon environmental protection: Made entirely of environmentally friendly materials, no pollution.

2. Wide application: suitable for mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

3.Easy to clean: Dust and oil stain are easy to clean. Use, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush to light as new.

3. Prevention of falling objects: Stainless steel window screens have no blocking feeling, no blocking feeling, no depression feeling, and the room will remain bright and natural at any time, and the elderly or playing children in the room will not be in an unsafe state due to the opening of doors and windows.

4. Humanized design: The stainless steel mesh grid adopts domestic door and window corner protection design, which reduces the damage of sharp door and window collision angles to the elderly and children.

5.Sturdy structure and strong integrity: Stainless steel welded wire mesh is made by precise automatic mechanical technology. Even if it is partially cut or locally subjected to pressure, it will not loosen.

6. High filtering precision: Reasonable wire warp and mesh design of stainless steel filter have the characteristics of no deformation, no damage, long working life, corrosion resistance, no rust, smooth surface and no scaling.

7. Strict process to ensure product quality: stainless steel screen has non-slip, strong hardness, good elasticity, compression resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to block, not close together, long service life.

8. Long service life: Stainless steel sintered mesh has extremely high mechanical strength and compressive strength. Good processing, welding and assembly performance, easy to use and long service life.

So what are the methods of weaving stainless steel wire mesh? The Wire Mesh Machine Factory can tell you below.

Stainless steel mesh plain weave: Plain weave is a weaving method in which each warp thread crosses each weft thread up and down, the diameter of the thread is the same as that of the weft thread, and the warp and weft threads form a 90-degree angle. The plain weave mesh is relatively square, with uniform mesh size. Each warp thread crosses each weft thread up and down, the diameter and the weft thread are the same thickness, and the warp and weft threads form a 90-degree weaving pattern.

Wire Net Weaving Machine

Wire Net Weaving Machine

Mat type net twill weaving: A weaving method in which each diameter wire crosses above and below every 2 weft threads, and each weft yarn crosses over and above every 2 diameter threads.

Two-filament Dutch weaving: This weaving is very similar to twill Dutch weaving. There are two weft threads, which can be stacked close to the warp threads. This kind of silk cloth is mostly used for filtering on the micron level.

Stainless steel mesh weaving: warp and weft yarns have different wire diameters and different mesh counts, which are characterized by dense warp and dense weft and fine warp and weft. The warp is in the length direction and the weft is in the width direction. Dense mesh is divided into mat type net plain weave and mat type net twill weave.

All of the above weaving methods need to be completed using the Wire Net Weaving Machine.

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